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What is the Process of Adopting a Newborn Baby in Wilmington, NC? | Speaks Family Law

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Making the decision to leave your partner is never easy. What’s more, not only is deciding to get divorced often trying, but the process of divorce itself is also complex.

As you navigate the divorce process and think about your future, the experienced Charlotte divorce attorneys at the Speaks Law Firm, PC will be available to answer your questions and represent your best interests. Call our law firm today for the help you need.

What is the Process of Adopting a Newborn Baby in Wilmington, NC? | Speaks Family Law

Grounds and Eligibility Requirements for Divorce in NC

Our lawyers can guide you through the grounds and eligibility requirements for divorce in our state. If you are thinking about divorce, important things to know include:


Unlike other states which allow for divorce on fault-based grounds, such as adultery, North Carolina is purely a no-fault divorce state. This means that you do not need to prove the fault of your partner in order to seek a dissolution of your marriage.

Residency requirements.

In order to get a divorce in NC, you must meet the residency requirements. At least one party to the divorce must have lived in the state for at least six months prior to file for a divorce.

Waiting period.

Finally, while North Carolina does not allow divorce based on fault, it also will not allow a divorce unless the parties have been living separately and apart for at least one year. You cannot get a divorce from your spouse if you have not been living apart for a year, even if you can prove fault.

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Simple Divorce, Contested Divorce, Uncontested Divorce

In addition to understanding the eligibility requirements for a divorce, it’s also important to understand the differences between a simple divorce, a contested divorce, and an uncontested divorce.

A simple divorce is the easiest and least complicated type of divorce as, during this type of divorce, the plaintiff (the person filing for divorce) is not requesting anything else, such as property or custody of children; they are merely asking for a divorce.

An uncontested divorce is also a relatively quick and simple type of divorce case. In this type of divorce, both parties are in agreement about how assets in the divorce should be divided, how custody of children should be shared, etc.

Finally, a contested divorce is the most complex divorce type and refers to a divorce where the parties are not in agreement about the terms of the divorce. If agreement cannot be reached through mediation, litigation may be necessary.

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How a Charlotte Divorce Attorney Can Help

As you think about your divorce and begin the process of filing for your divorce, negotiating the terms of your divorce with your spouse, and more, it’s helpful to have an experienced legal professional on your side who can help you to navigate the law and who can advocate for your best interests.

At the office of the Speaks Law Firm, PC, our Charlotte divorce attorneys can provide you with the representation you deserve. To learn more, please call our team directly today or send us a message at your convenience requesting more information. We are here for you.

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